MongoDB Course Content

Course Duration:40 hours

Sessions: Weekdays; Weekends; Crash Course



Course Outline: MongoDB Training Course Content

Introduction to NoSQL and MongoDB

·         RDBMS

·         Types of relational databases

·         Challenges of RDBMS

·         NoSQL database

·         Its significance

·         How NoSQL suits Big Data needs

·         Introduction to MongoDB and its advantages

·         MongoDB installation

·         JSON features

·         Data types and examples.


MongoDB Installation

·         Installing MongoDB

·         Basic MongoDB commands and operations

·         MongoChef (MongoGUI) Installation

·         MongoDB Data types.


Importance of NoSQL

·         The need for NoSQL

·         Types of NoSQL databases

·         OLTP

·         OLAP

·         Limitations of RDBMS

·         ACID properties

·         CAP Theorem

·         Base property

·         Learning about JSON/BSON

·         Database collection & document

·         MongoDB uses

·         MongoDB Write Concern – Acknowledged

·         Replica Acknowledged

·         Unacknowledged

·         Journaled

·         Fsync



CRUD Operations

·         Understanding CRUD and its functionality

·         CRUD concepts        

·         MongoDB Query & Syntax

·         Read and write queries and query optimization


Data Modeling & Schema Design

·         Concepts of data modelling

·         Difference between MongoDB and RDBMS modelling

·         Model tree structure

·         Operational strategies

·         Monitoring and backup


Data Management & Administration

·         MongoDB Administration activities such as Health Check Backup

·         Recovery

·         Database sharding and profiling

·         Data Import/Export

·         Performance tuning etc


Data Indexing and Aggregation

·         Concepts of data aggregation and types

·         Data indexing concepts

·         Properties and variations


MongoDB Security

·         Understanding database security risks

·         MongoDB security concept and security approach

·         MongoDB integration with Java and Robomongo


Working with Unstructured Data

Implementing techniques to work with variety of unstructured data like images

videos, log data, and others, understanding GridFS MongoDB file system for storing data.


MongoDB Project

Java is one of the most popular programming languages for working with MongoDB. This project tells you how to work with the MongoDB Java Driver, and using MongoDB as a Java Developer. Become proficient in creating a table for inserting video using Java programming. Some of the tasks and steps involved are as below–


  • Installation of Java
  • Setting up MongoDB JDBC Driver
  • Connecting to the database
  • Understanding about collections and documents
  • Reading and writing basics from the database
  • Learning about the Java Virtual Machine libraries






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