PowerShell Scripting Course Content

Course Outline: PowerShell Scripting Training


Course Contents

Preparing for Scripting

§  Securing the Scripting Environment

§  Understanding Variables and Operators

§  Understanding Scripting Constructs and Scope


Parameterizing a Command

§  Designing Parameters

§  Implementing Parameters

§  Lab : Parameterizing a Command

§  Identify changeable values

§  Declare parameters

§  Use parameters in place of changeable values

§  Test the script


Creating a Script Module

§  Designing Script Modules

§  Implementing Script Modules

§  Lab : Creating a Script Module

§  Creating a Script Module

§  Saving the script module

§  Adding a module-level variable

§  Controlling module member visibility

§  Testing the script module


Handling Errors

§  Designing Error Handling

§  Implementing Error Handling

§  Lab : Handling Errors

§  Using the Try…Catch Construct

§  Handling Command Errors

§  Handling Non-Command Errors

§  Logging Errors to a File

§  Displaying Warning Messages


Writing Commands that Use Pipeline Input and Output

§  Understanding Pipeline Parameter Binding

§  Implementing Pipeline Parameter Input

§  Implementing Pipeline Parameter Input

§  Lab : Writing Commands that Use Pipeline Input and Output

§  Adding Pipeline Input Capability to Parameters

§  Working with Pipeline Input

§  Creating Custom Output Objects

§  Outputting Objects to the Pipeline


Creating Hierarchical Command Output

§  Designing Complex Command Output

§  Implementing Complex Command Output

§  Using Object Hierarchies

§  Lab : Creating Hierarchical Command Output

§  Retrieving and Enumerating Data

§  Creating Child Objects

§  Creating the Parent Object

§  Displaying and Object Hierarchy

§  Persisting an Object Hierarchy


 Debugging Scripts

§  Designing Scripts for Debugging

§  Implementing Script Debugging

§  Lab : Debugging Scripts

§  Using Write-Debug

§  Using PSBreakpoints


Customizing Default Formatting

§  Designing Formatting

§  Implementing Custom Formatting

§  Lab : Customizing Default Formatting

§  Adding a Custom Type Name to an Object

§  Creating a DefaultDisplayPropertySet Type Extension

§  Creating a Custom View

§  Adding Type Extensions and Views to Modules and Creating a Module Manifest


Adding Advanced Parameter Attributes and Command Documentation

§  Implementing Advanced Parameter Attributes

§  Implementing Help Documentation

§  Lab : Adding Advanced Parameter Attributes and Command Documentation

§  Defining Aliases and Help Messages

§  Defining Parameter Validation

§  Adding Comment-Based Help

§  Writing a Command that Uses –Confirm and –WhatIf


Creating Controller Scripts

§  Designing Script Execution

§  Implementing a Controller Script

§  Lab : Creating Controller Scripts

§  Creating a Controller Script

§  Parameterizing a Controller Script

§  Testing a Controller Script

§  Debugging a Controller Script


Creating HTML-Based Reports

§  Creating Basic HTML Reports

§  Creating Enhanced HTML Reports

§  Lab : Creating Reports by using HTML

§  Creating Reports by using HTML

§  Converting Objects into HTML Fragments

§  Combining HTML Fragments

§  Adding Basic Formatting

§  Creating Enhanced HTML Fragments

§  Applying Conditional Formatting


Creating Basic Workflows

§  Understanding Workflows

§  Implementing Workflows

§  Lab : Creating Basic Workflows

§  Importing the PSWorkflow Module

§  Converting a Function to a Basic Workflow

§  Parallelizing Commands


Working with XML Data

§  Understanding XML

§  Implementing XML Manipulation

§  Lab : Working with XML Data

§  Loading XML

§  Manipulating XML as an Object Hierarchy

§  Selecting XML Elements by using XPath

§  Modifying XML

§  Saving XML


Using Advanced Scripting Techniques

§  Using External Functionality

§  Adding Graphical User Interface Elements


Creating Proxy Functions

§  Designing Proxy Functions

§  Implementing Proxy Functions

§  Lab : Creating Proxy Functions

§  Generating a Proxy Function Template

§  Modifying the Template

§  Using the Proxy Function

§  Bypassing a Proxy Function


Building Tools in Windows PowerShell

§  Designing the Tool

§  Implementing the Tool

§  Testing the Tool

§  Lab : Building Tools in Windows PowerShell

§  Designing the Tool

§  Implementing the Tool

§  Testing the Tool


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