Summary Training Course Content

1. Mobile app development

Description: it is quite clear the demand of mobile application has grown in every business. It denotes the importance of the procedure by which app software.

Mobile App Development Course

it is quite clear the demand of mobile application has grown in every business. It denotes the importance of the procedure by which app software are designed for smartphones. Many applications are either pre-installed in the smartphones during its manufacturing time or provided as apps in the apps store. Factors like screen size, configuration, hardware specs are important for mobile app development.

The Importance of the course: More and more businesses follow mobile app development rather than opting for mobile friendly sites. It is a must for a businessman to grow his business across the world. With mobile app development services, iPads, smartphones, and tablets have higher resources for the common people. With more and more professional mobile app developers, companies will have a competitive edge over their counter mates in popularizing their brand, product or services at a global level.

2. Web Programming/application development (Python Django, Ruby on Rails, PHP Frameworks)

Description: The course introduces the technical needs and concepts of the client and equips students with sources for designing, development, production, assessment of web apps and strategies to locate the sources. Students can get knowledge of web application procedure and a lot more.

Latest Web Development Courses

Programmers who wish to travel the deep job market ocean and career development in the software industry need to have knowledge of .NET, PHP, Python, Java, and Ruby.

The Importance of the course Web developing is a short term job oriented course. You have different opportunities accessible for students who desire to works in this field. Several public and private companies hire web developers for their online and web development work. The rise in online industry has given a boost to the demand for web development professionals and created amazing job opportunities for aspirants.

3. UI/UX Development Frameworks (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Responsive etc.)

Description: A front end web development framework is just a team of production-ready CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, JavaScript parts that one can use in their designs. It is an intuitive and sturdy web design career course for designing cross-browser and better-looking interface. You have a lot of production ready material framework accessible which include Bootstrap, Angular, CSS, and HTML. If you’re looking forward to having a career in website building, mobile and web apps, then this is the best course for you.


UIUX Development Courses

The Importance of the course: While UI is for User Interface design, UX refers to User Experience Design. Being a master of UI/ UX Development Frameworks, helps you make the user interface well-organized and simple. IT companies and business entrepreneurs are employing front-end developers with open hands. Right from user interaction to graphical design, everything is taken care of by UI/UX Development Frameworks


4. Greater number of organizations will be adopting Hadoop and Spark big data platforms

In 2017 we will notice a steady growth of Big Data technologies like Hadoop and Spark. The main advantage of Hadoop in the ability to collect vast amounts of data, and then distribute these data to low-cost servers running in parallel.

To actually make Hadoop to work outside of the test environment, many enterprises are going to shift it to the cloud in 2017, and abstract the storage from the calculation.

And let’s take a look at Apache Spark - it is one of the fastest growing big data platform which uses in-memory computation.

According to recent studies, the percent of users using Spark on the public cloud (61%) was higher than the percent using Hadoop YARN (36%) and this trend will continue in 2017. In addition, the 2017 Spark proclaims the development of the operating model - through the "in-memory analytics." This approach allows much faster computations, in some cases up to 100 times faster than original Hadoop Map Reduce framework.

5. Deep Learning technology is becoming mainstream.

Deep learning gets a lot of attention in 2016, as many noticeable results were achieved by using it for many important applications, such as machine translation and other forms of language processing, Automatic Image Caption Generation, Object Classification and Detection in Images,  Facial Recognition and Automatic Game Playing.

In 2017 we expect AI will not stop in improvement and move more and more to the form of artificial general intelligence (AGI).  It is no wonder that for data scientists Deep Learning will be one of the most important approaches for solving machine learning problems.

Furthermore, deep learning is becoming widely available now, because of the increased computing power and accessibility of this technology through various open-source frameworks, such as TensorFlow and Deeplearning4j.

Top companies, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Baidu are driving research further with their strong artificial intelligence R&D teams.

So we are going to see a lot of new deep learning applications that could significantly impact our lives like auto-correction of the photo and professional photo processing using ML methods. Among other, we can mention the rise of the new portable devices, which helps disabled people to see, hear, and otherwise, sense their environment by utilizing machine learning.


6. Digital Marketing (Digital Technology Platforms)

Description: The Digital Marketing Technology Platforms is all about the concepts of digital marketing like SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics, Website Conversion Rate Optimization, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing. The course allows you to master equipment and platforms like YouTube, AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter. It is a course made by industry professionals to get a full-fledged knowledge about the digital technology marketing domain.

Digital Marketing Course Training

The Importance of Digital Marketing course: After doing the course, the students will get the perfect abilities via extensive hands-on practice on a giant series of simulations and assignments which will help them to install and implement their digital marketing campaigns and projects. With the help of this course, you can prepare for the top digital marketing accreditation exams like OMCA (Online Marketing Certified Associates), Google AdWords, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing and Google Analytics certifications. You have the opportunity to become Twitter advertising too.


7. Database administration (DBA)

Description: If you’re looking for a job profile that amalgamates your love for Information Technology and new technology, along with your communication and problem-solving skills, then the Database administration course is perfect for you. DBA is the fundamental procedure in the software field of computing. Though facilitated to a large extent, database management system still requires constant human intervention. Thus, a Database Administrator is responsible for the presentation, veracity, and safety of the database.

DBA Course Training

The Importance of the course: Data is the most important thing in an application. Organizations cannot work without data. Business is data today. Without data, companies cannot manage finance, hold transactions and render customer service. The Database is stored and organized for further use. The better the utility and design of the database, the better the organization can compete. It is the skill of DBA that helps companies keep the database standard and well-maintained. Once you pursue this course, you will definitely have a good job in the coming future. IT sectors and multinational are ready to hire Database Administrators for efficient database management.


8. SQT (Software Quality Testing) Automation

Description: Software Quality Testing Automated is a procedure in which the programming tools implement pre-scripted tests on an a before taking it further to the production stage. Testing automation software is the most perfect way to enhance the efficacy, efficiency, and coverage of software testing.

06.Software Testing Automation Tools Training

The Importance of the course: the aim of the automated testing tool is to ease as the testing efforts as much as possible with the lowest set of scripts.  An automated testing tool allows to playback predefined and pre-recorded activities, make a comparative study of the desired results and the attained results and state the success or failure of these testing a test engineer.


9. DevOps

Description: The course enhance your developmental skills a step ahead from the basics. You begin with how to extend Visual Studio, managing issues of multiple variations of applications and assemblies. Explore how to develop and debug Windows services and how to design and test apps for Windows smartphones. One becomes professional working with XML, writing as well as reading data via XML DOM. The technology has revolutionized the manner apps have been deployed on cloud and is a perfect certification to master in the cloud technology time.

DevOps Online Training

The Importance of the course: The course permits you to explore and experience the development of Business Information Systems. A Database is the core aspect of a business information system. Candidates are exposed to database objects and abilities which are maximized to create an organization application. Overall, the candidates with the course benefit their companies and set up a tough competition for their competitors. Right from data gathering, designing and development of the application to right discipline and attitude, everything is taught in this course.



10. AWS

Description: With the AWS Online Course, the candidate learns how to design, strategize and rank their AS Cloud execution with Amazon’s best practices. The course has been designed to help the students to get in detail knowledge of Amazon Web Services. The course will help you know the recent trends, terminology, and the best field practices and help you emerge as a top-notch AWS professional. Candidates will redefine the IT infrastructure architecture rules. The accreditation recognizes IT experts with technical abilities to design, develop and operate apps and infrastructure on Amazon Web Services.

09_AWS Course

The Importance of the course: AWS course has evolved a lot in the past few years. The certification demonstrates your abilities and enhances your credibility. If you’re hunting for jobs, with an AWS accreditation on your CV, you will directly make it to the interview room. Companies are looking forward to hiring AWS certified employees to acknowledge team members and lower down the risk related to the implementation of AWS projects. With an AWS certification, you’re guaranteed a grand pay.


Java or J2E and Its Frameworks

Java or J2EE is one of the most trusted, powerful and widely used technology by almost all the medium and big organizations around domains, like banking and insurance, life science, telecom, financial services, retail and much, much more. You have many things to learn in Java or J2EE, like the core part – J2SE, JSP, STRUTS, SPRING and/or HIBERNATE. This is one of the best and most advanced sophisticated applications. If you want to learn Java, you need to start from the ab initio to the advanced level step-by-step. There are many different frameworks as well as supporting technologies to learn for Java aspirants but the given things are must learn and highly demanding in current software market.

SAS – Statistical Analysis System

SAS is a popular course. This can be your career as SAS consultant that many medium and large organizations looking for fresher and experienced SAS qualified candidates. This is nothing but a data analytics course that can give you global exposure. The demand for SAS – data analytics is growing day-by-day and the business intelligence domain has emerged one of the most trusted and lucrative option for science graduate. These days, SAS is a’ la mode for fresher and experienced science graduate. It is an integrated system of software products that help to perform critical data-entry, data-retrieval, data-management, data-mining, report writing and graphics.


Machine Learning


The Science of Well-Being


Neural Networks and Deep Learning


Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects


Convolutional Neural Networks


Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)


Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization


Sequence Models




Introduction to Data Science in Python


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies


R Programming


Structuring Machine Learning Projects


Mathematics for Machine Learning: Linear Algebra


The Data Scientist’s Toolbox



Python Data Structures


Neural Networks for Machine Learning






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